1. What areas do you cover?
    We offer our professional cleaning services to the whole region. Macclesfield areas, Wilmslow, areas, Stockport and Chelford areas.

  2. Are you fully insured?
    Yes, we have both public liability insurance (10 million) and employer liability insurance. So you can rest assured we are fully covered for any even tuality.

  3. Will I always have the same cleaner?
    Yes, you will have the same house cleaner looking of your house and your office on every cleaning visit. We will not replace your cleaner unless you request the change yourself.

  4. What if I have pets? Will they have to be secured whilst cleaning takes place?
    No, they can be allowed their normal access. All our staff are quite happy to work around them.

  5. Do you provide an ironing service?
    Yes, our staff can help you with your ironing during their cleaning visit. This is the same hourly rate as cleaning. If you only require ironing we can also do that. This is charge per hour, minimum of two hour per week.

  6. What hours do you provide you're cleaning services?
    We provide all of our cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

  7. What if I am not happy with the cleaning service?
    In unlikely event that you're not happy with the cleaning service. We have provided you need to notify us within 24 hours where we will return of charge and re-do what is in question complaints after 24 hours will not be considered.

  8. Can I change my cleaner if I am not happy?
    Yes, of course, we have a large and varied cleaner base, just give us a call.

  9. What the difference between normal cleaning and deep cleaning?
    A normal weekly clean will take on average 1 hour whilst a deep clean can take between 2-4 hours and involves more cleaners depending on the size of the building. With deep cleaning all surfaces, woodwork, sill's door etc. will be wiped down with a cleaning solution whilst in a normal clean they will properly be dusted with a deep clean furniture that can be moved will be moved whilst in a normal clean this is only done periodically.

  10. Do I have to pay anything when I go away for a couple of weeks?
    No, you don't pay a penny. You only pay when you use cleaning service. We require 24 hours notice before you go away, the date of your last visit before you go and the date of you first cleaning when you are back.




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